Bosch 3.6V / 10.8-12 Volt 1.5A Li-Ion Replacement Battery Charger



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  • Replacement Li-ion Charger AL1115CV For Bosch Power Tools Battery 10.8V 12V
  • Compatible models: BOSCH 2607336013 2607336014,BAT411,BAT411A,BAT412,BAT412A,BAT413,D-70745 BAT504,BAT411 BAT412 BAT413 BAT414 CLPK30-120, CLPK31-120, CLPK40- 120,CLPK41-120, CLPK50-120, FL10,GDR 10.8 V- LI, GDR 10.8-LI, GLI 10.8 V-LI,GMF 10.8 V-LI, GOP 10.8 V, GOP 10.8 V-LI,GOS 10.8 V-LI, GSA 10.8 V-LI, GSB 10.8-2-LI
  • Compatible models: GSC 10.8 V-LI, GSR 10.8 V-Li, GSR 10.8 V-LI-2,GSR 10.8 V-LI2, GSR 10.8 V- LIQ, GSR 10.8-2-LI,GSR 10.8-LI, GUS 10.8 V-LI, GWB 10.8- LI,GWI 10.8 V-Li, PS10-2, PS10-2A,PS20-2, PS20- 2A, PS20B,PS21-2A, PS30-2A, PS30B,PS31- 2A, PS40, PS40-2,PS40-2A, PS40B, PS41- 2A,PS50-2A, PS50-2B, PS50B,PS70-2A GDR12-LI GDB12V-15 2607336013 2607336014
  • US plug, Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 25W Output: 10.8V Max. 12V 1.5A