Milwaukee 10.8 Volt / 12 Volt 3000 mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery (Circle)



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Lithium Ion
10.8 Volt
12 Volt
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Product Specifications


  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Voltage: 10.8 Volt
  • Brand: Milwaukee Replacement Battery
  • Compatible Drill: 2207-20 2207-21 2238-20 2238-21 2239-20 2239-21 2276-20NST 2276-21 2276-21NST 2277-20 2277-20NST 2277-21 2277-21NST 2290-20 2290-21 2310-21 2311-20 2311-21 2312-21 2313-20 2313-21 2314-20 2314-21 2320 2320-20 2320-21 2330 2331 2332 2333 2401-20 2401-22 2402-20 2402-22 2403-20 2403-22 2404-20 2404-22 2410 2410-20 2410-22 2411-20 2411-22 2415-20 2415-21 2420-20 2420-21 2420-22 2426-20 2426-22 2429-20 2429-21XC 2432-20 2432-22 2446-20 2446-21XC 2450-20 2450-22 2451 2451-20 2451-22 2452-20 2452-22 2453-20 2453-22 2454-20 2454-22 2455-20 2455-22 2456-21 2457-20 2457-21 2458-20 2458-21 2460-20 2460-21 2461-20 2461-22 2470 2470-20 2470-21 2471 2471-20 2471-21 2471-22 2590-20 3 8in IMPACT WRENCH 49-24-0145 49-24-0146 C12 D C12 DD C12 FM C12 HZ C12 HZ-0 C12 HZ-202C C12 IC C12 ID C12 IW C12 JSR C12 JSR-0 C12 LTGE C12 MT C12 MT-0 C12 MT-202B C12 MT-402B C12 PC C12 PC-0 C12 PD C12 PN C12 PN-0 C12 PPC C12 PPC-0 C12 PXP C12 PXP-I06202C C12 PXP-I10202C C12 PXP-N202C C12 RAD C12 RAD-0 C12 RAD-202B C12 RT C12 RT-0 C12 WS M12 M12 AL M12 AL-0 M12 BD M12 BD-0 M12 BD-202C M12 BDC6 M12 BDC6-0 M12 BDC6-202C M12 BDC8 M12 BDC8-0 M12 BDC8-202C M12 BDD M12 BDD-0 M12 BDD-202C M12 BDDX M12 BDDX-202X M12 BDDXKIT-202X M12 BID M12 BID-0 M12 BID-202C M12 BIW12 M12 BIW12-0 M12 BIW12-202C M12 BIW14 M12 BIW14-0 M12 BIW38 M12 BIW38-0 M12 BIW38-202C M12 BPD M12 BPD-0 M12 BPD-202C M12 BPD-402C M12 BPP2B M12 BPP2B-421C M12 BPP2C M12 BPP2C-402B M12 BPP2D M12 BPP2D-402B M12 BPP3A M12 BPP3A-202B M12 BPP4A M12 BPP4A-202B M12 BPS M12 BPS-0 M12 BPS-421X M12 BRAID M12 BRAID-0 M12 BS M12 BS-0 M12 BS-402C M12 BSD M12 BSD-0 M12 CC M12 CC-0 M12 CCS44 M12 CCS44-0 M12 CCS44-402C M12 CCS44-602X M12 CD M12 CD-0 M12 CDD M12 CDD-0 M12 CDD-202C M12 CDD-602X M12 CH M12 CH-0 M12 CH-202C M12 CH-602X M12 CHZ M12 CHZ-0 M12 CHZ-402C M12 CHZ-602X M12 CID M12 CID-0 M12 CID-202C M12 CIW12 M12 CIW12-0 M12 CIW12-202C M12 CIW14 M12 CIW14-0 M12 CIW14-202C M12 CIW38 M12 CIW38-0 M12 CIW38-202C M12 CPD M12 CPD-0 M12 CPD-202C M12 CPD-602X M12 CPP2B M12 CPP2B-402C M12 CPP2B-602X M12 DE M12 DE-0C M12 DE-201C M12 GG M12 GG-0 M12 GG-401B M12 H M12 H-0 M12 H-202C M12 H-402C M12 HBW M12 HH BL2 M12 HH GREY2 M12 HJ 3IN1 M12 HJ BL3 M12 HJ CAMO4 M12 HJ GREY3 M12 HJ LADIES M12 HPT M12 HPT-202C M12 HPT-202C M-KIT M12 HPT-202C TH-KIT M12 HPT-202C U-KIT M12 HPT-202C V-KIT M12 HPT-202C V-KIT2 M12 HV M12 HV-0 M12 IC M12 IC AV3 M12 IC AV3-201C M12 IC-0 (S) M12 IC-201C (S) M12 IR M12 IR-201B 1 4 M12 IR-201B 3 8 M12 JS M12 JS-0 M12 JS-402B M12 JSSP M12 JSSP-0 M12 LL M12 LL-0 M12 MLED M12 MLED-0 M12 NRG-602 M12 PCG 310 M12 PCG 310C-0 M12 PCG 310C-201B M12 PCG 400 M12 PCG 400A-0 M12 PCG 400A-201B M12 PCG 600 M12 PCG 600A-0 M12 PCG 600A-201B M12 PP2A M12 PP2A-202C M12 PP2A-402C M12 SL M12 SL-0 M12 SLED M12 SLED-0 M12 TD M12 TD-201 M12 TI M12 TI-201C M12 TLED M12 TLED-0 M12-18 JSSP M12-18 JSSP-0 M12BDD-402C Replacement Batteries.
  • Fits Battery Model Numbers:48112401 48-11-2401 48-11-2402 48112411 48-11-2411 48112420 48-11-2420 48-11-2440 4931427105 4932430064 C12 B C12 BX M12 M12 B2
  • Features:
  • High-quality replacement battery
  • Compatible with the original OEM battery
  • Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
  • No memory effect
  • Certified by CE and RoHS industry quality standard