AAAA Duracell (MX2500) Alkaline Batteries (2 Card)

Sale: $5.69

Product Specifications


  • Size: AAAA
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Voltage: 1.5 Volt
  • Brand: Duracell
  • Package Type: 2 on a Card

Equivalent Batteries

  • LR61
  • 25A
  • MN2500
  • MX2500
  • E96
  • EN96
  • GP25A
  • LR8D425
  • 4061
  • K4A
  • Quadruple A
  • Quad A
  • 4AAAA


AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is a type of battery that is known for its reliable and long-lasting performance. It is a smaller size than AAA batteries, making it an ideal choice for smaller electronics, such as medical devices and small flashlights.

Duracell, the company that produces these batteries, has a reputation for quality and has been a trusted brand for over 50 years. The AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is no exception, with a long shelf life and consistent performance, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

One of the standout features of the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is its long shelf life. The battery can last up to 10 years when stored properly, making it an excellent choice for emergency kits and other items that may be used infrequently. The battery is also designed to hold up well under extreme temperatures, making it ideal for use in outdoor activities or in harsh environments.

Another advantage of the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is its consistent performance. The battery provides a steady stream of power, making it suitable for devices that require a reliable and consistent source of energy. It is also designed to prevent leakage, which can be a common problem with other types of batteries.

Duracell has also made efforts to be more environmentally friendly in recent years, and the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is no exception. The battery is made without added mercury, and Duracell has established a recycling program for its batteries, making it easy for consumers to dispose of them responsibly.

Overall, the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is a high-quality battery that is a great choice for a variety of applications. Its long shelf life, consistent performance, and environmentally friendly design make it an ideal option for those looking for a reliable and sustainable power source.

While the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is not as widely available as other types of batteries, it can typically be found at most major retailers or online stores. For those in need of a smaller battery size for their electronics, the AAAA Duracell (MX2500) is definitely worth considering. Its quality and reliability have made it a trusted choice for consumers for decades, and it is likely to continue to be a popular option for years to come.