FDK Sanyo CR14250SE 3 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA Battery

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Product Specifications


  • Voltage: 3 Volt
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Manganese Dioxide
  • Size: 1/2 AA
  • Capacity: 850 mAh
  • Brand: FDK (Formerly Sanyo)
  • Termination: Button Top
  • Operational Temperature Range: -40c to +85c
  • Diameter (max): 14.5 mm (0.57")
  • Height (max): 25 mm (0.98")
  • Typical Weight: 9 g (0.02 oz)
  • UL Certified

Main Applications

  • Water & Electricity meters
  • Fire Alarm
  • Memory backup power
  • Others

Replaces the Following

  • 1755-BAT
  • CR1/2AA, 1/2AA
  • CR14250, CR14250SE, CR14250SET
  • 1/2R6
  • 1/2UM3
  • 1/2ER6

️  Warning

  • This battery is not rechargeable. Do not try to recharge.
  • The storage area should be clean, cool (not exceeding +30 Deg C ), dry and ventilated
  • Don't use different models of battery in series.
  • Soldering the tab should be finished in few seconds.
  • Do not use if the battery casing was mangled

  • The manufactured date appears on the battery. The battery has a shelf life of 7 - 10 years.

FDK Sanyo CR14250SE 3 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA Battery

The FDK Sanyo CR14250SE 3 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA Battery is a reliable and high-performance power solution for various applications. With its exceptional quality and longevity, this battery is designed to meet your power needs.


Operating at a voltage of 3 Volts, the FDK Sanyo CR14250SE utilizes lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) chemistry, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.


With a compact size of 1/2 AA, this battery is ideal for applications where space is limited. It features a capacity of 850 mAh, providing ample power to your devices.


The FDK Sanyo CR14250SE battery comes with a button top termination, making it easy to install and connect to compatible devices securely.


Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this battery has an operational temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments.


With a maximum diameter of 14.5mm (0.57") and a maximum height of 25mm (0.98"), this battery has a compact and lightweight design. It weighs approximately 9g (0.02 oz), making it convenient for various applications.


The FDK Sanyo CR14250SE battery is UL certified, providing assurance of its compliance with rigorous safety standards.


This battery is commonly used in water and electricity meters, fire alarms, memory backup power applications, and more. It is also known by other designations such as 1755-BAT, CR1/2AA, 1/2AA, CR14250, CR14250SE, CR14250SET, 1/2R6, 1/2UM3, and 1/2ER6.


Pick the FDK Sanyo CR14250SE 3 Volt Lithium 1/2 AA Battery for reliable power in your critical devices. Trust in FDK's (formerly Sanyo) brand reputation for quality and performance.