EnerSys Cyclon 2V 25ah Sealed Lead Acid BC Cell (0820-0004)



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Sealed Lead Acid
2 Volt
Threaded Post - M6 and M8
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  • Nominal Voltage: 2 Volt
  • Size: BC
  • Capacity: 25000 mAh (25AH)
  • Chemistry: Sealed Lead Acid
  • Operating Temperature: -65 to 80°C
  • Brand: Enersys
  • Series: Cyclon
  • Discharge Rate: 10Hr
  • Termination Style: Threaded Post, M6 and M8
  • Height: 159 mm (6.25")
  • Diameter: 65 mm (2.57")
  • Weight: 1700 g (3.74 lb)


  • High Rate Charge and Discharge
  • Two Year Shelf Life
  • 200+ Full Depth Discharge Cycles
  • Up to 2000 Charge Cycles
  • Superior Deep Discharge Recovery
  • Pure Lead-Tin VRLA AGM Design

EnerSys Cyclon 2V 25ah Sealed Lead Acid BC Cell (0820-0004)

The EnerSys Cyclon 2V 25Ah Sealed Lead Acid BC Cell (0820-0004) is designed to provide reliable power in applications that require a 2V voltage output.


The BC size of this battery makes it suitable for a variety of uses, including emergency lighting, medical equipment, telecommunications, and more. With a capacity of 25000mAh (25Ah), it offers a substantial amount of power to keep your devices running.


The battery utilizes sealed lead acid chemistry, providing a safe and maintenance-free power solution. It is designed to operate effectively in a wide temperature range, from -65 to 80°C, making it suitable for demanding environments.


The EnerSys Cyclon series is known for its high-rate charge and discharge capabilities, making it ideal for applications that require quick power delivery. It offers a two-year shelf life, ensuring that the battery is ready for use whenever you need it.


With over 200 full-depth discharge cycles and up to 2000 charge cycles, this battery provides reliable and durable performance over an extended period. Its superior deep discharge recovery allows it to bounce back after being discharged, ensuring consistent power delivery.


The pure lead-tin VRLA AGM design enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the battery. It is built to deliver high-quality power and meet the demands of various applications.


The EnerSys Cyclon 2V 25Ah Sealed Lead Acid BC Cell (0820-0004) features a termination style of threaded posts, with M6 and M8 connections, providing secure and reliable connections.


Choose the EnerSys Cyclon BC Cell for your power needs and experience its reliable performance, long cycle life, and robust construction. Trust in the brand reputation of Enersys to deliver high-quality batteries that you can depend on.

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