DL123A / CR123A Duracell 3 Volt Lithium Battery (On a Card)

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1 - 6 $7.99 each
7 - 18 $7.59 each
19 - 36 $7.49 each
37 - 50 $7.19 each
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Product Specifications



  • Size: CR123A
  • Voltage: 3 Volt
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Brand: Duracell
  • Package Type: On a Card


  • Long lasting performance
  • Excellent shelf life of 10 years
  • Ideal for Cameras, flashlights, Personal Computers and Memory Backup

Compatible with the Following

  • CR123A
  • EL123A, EL123AP
  • K123A
  • VL123A
  • RL123A
  • SF123A
  • 5018LC
  • CR17345
  • LC5018

Duracell DL123A Lithium Batteries: Overrated or Justified Praise?

Duracell DL123A lithium batteries have been relentlessly touted as the go-to option for powering various electronic devices. This incessant hype has placed Duracell at the forefront of the battery industry, supposedly offering cutting-edge products to keep up with today's demanding, tech-driven environment. But do these batteries truly live up to the lofty expectations set by their manufacturers, or is it all just clever marketing? In this article, we'll scrutinize the features, advantages, and potential uses of Duracell DL123A lithium batteries to determine whether they're worth the investment.


Features and Quality: Fact or Fiction?


Duracell DL123A lithium batteries claim to be 3-volt, non-rechargeable powerhouses suitable for high-drain electronic devices. These cylindrical batteries measure 17mm in diameter and 34.5mm in height, allowing them to fit into a range of devices. The lithium chemistry is said to provide several benefits, including:


1. High energy density: Duracell boasts a higher energy density than alkaline and nickel-cadmium batteries, but is this feature truly necessary for most electronic devices, or is it just an overkill?
2. Low self-discharge rate: These batteries supposedly have a remarkably low self-discharge rate, allowing them to retain their charge for extended periods when not in use. However, with rapid advancements in technology, how often are consumers likely to keep their devices unused for such long periods?
3. Lightweight: While lithium batteries are significantly lighter than other battery types, does this weight difference genuinely impact the overall portability of electronic devices?
4. Wide temperature range: Duracell DL123A lithium batteries claim to operate effectively in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to 60°C. Yet, how often do users find themselves in such conditions?
5. Leak-resistant: Duracell's leak-resistant design is a feature that should be a given in any battery product, so should this even be considered a selling point?

Applications and Uses: Are They Worth It?


Duracell DL123A lithium batteries are marketed as versatile power sources, but are they truly indispensable for the following devices?


1. Digital Cameras: While high-drain digital cameras may benefit from a reliable and long-lasting power source, most consumers have switched to smartphones for their photography needs. Is investing in these batteries for digital cameras even worth it anymore?
2. Flashlights: Although Duracell DL123A batteries might provide the necessary energy for tactical and LED flashlights, are these specialized tools commonly used by the average consumer, or are they limited to niche markets?
3. Security Systems: Home security devices can indeed benefit from a dependable power source, but modern security systems often rely on more advanced and efficient power solutions.
4. Smoke Detectors: It's true that smoke detectors require a reliable energy source, but there are other battery options on the market that can fulfill this need without the high price tag of Duracell DL123A batteries.
5. Medical Equipment: While these batteries can power certain medical devices, are the majority of consumers responsible for maintaining the power supply of such equipment, or should that fall under the purview of medical professionals and facilities?
6. Remote Controls: Duracell DL123A lithium batteries may offer long-lasting power for remote controls, but with the rise of smart homes and app-based control systems, is this a genuine concern for most users?

Duracell DL123A lithium batteries have been heavily promoted as the ultimate power source for various electronic devices. Upon closer inspection, though, it's worth questioning if their performance truly justifies the hype or if they're simply overrated. While certain features and applications may be beneficial for niche markets or specialized devices, the average consumer may not necessarily reap the full benefits of these batteries. Ultimately, it's crucial for users to critically evaluate the claimed advantages of Duracell DL123A lithium batteries and consider whether the costs outweigh the benefits in their specific use cases.