DL-19 6 Volt Saflok Select 6 HTL6 Door Lock Alkaline Battery


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Product Specifications


  • Chemistry: Alkaline High Performance XP
  • Voltage: 6 Volt
  • Capacity: 2450 mAh
    Replaces: Style "M" SAFLOK
  • Brand: PowerHouse

Equivalent Batteries

  • Saflok 6800121
  • Saflok S90040
  • Saflok Select 6
  • Saflok Type M
  • Saflok Winfield
  • DL-6
  • DRY0048
  • ADRY1795
  • HTL-6

For Use In

  • Keyless Door Locks
  • Door Lock Batteries / Battery Pack
  • IC Card Hotel Lock
  • Guest Card Door Lock
  • Hotel IC Lock
  • Hotel RF Card Lock
  • TM Card Hotel Lock
  • IC Smart Card Lock
  • Smart Card Hotel Lock
  • Digital Door Lock

DL-19 6 Volt Saflok Select 6 HTL6 Door Lock Alkaline Battery

The DL-19 6 Volt Saflok Select 6 HTL6 Door Lock Alkaline Battery is a high-performance alkaline battery designed to provide reliable power for Saflok door lock systems. With its voltage of 6 volts and capacity of 2450 mAh, this battery delivers long-lasting performance to keep your door locks functioning smoothly.


This battery is a direct replacement for the Style "M" SAFLOK battery and is compatible with various Saflok models including 6800121, S90040, Select 6, Type M, Winfield, DL-6, DRY0048, ADRY1795, and HTL-6.


Manufactured by PowerHouse, a trusted brand in battery technology, the DL-19 battery features high-performance XP alkaline chemistry to provide reliable power for your keyless door locks, IC card hotel locks, guest card door locks, hotel IC locks, hotel RF card locks, TM card hotel locks, IC smart card locks, smart card hotel locks, and digital door locks.


With its compact design and reliable performance, the DL-19 battery is the perfect choice to ensure your Saflok door lock systems operate smoothly and securely.


Please note that the DL-19 battery is also compatible with other devices and applications beyond door locks, making it a versatile choice for various electronic devices requiring a reliable and long-lasting power source.