Dewalt 18 Volt 3000 mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery



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Lithium Ion
18 Volt
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Product Specifications


  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Voltage: 918 Volt
  • Brand: Dewalt Replacement Battery
  • Compatible Drill: DeWalt 120V MAX 12V MAX Li-ion 20V MAX 60V MAX CL3.C18S DCB184 DCB184-XJ DCB184-XR DCD700 DCD710 DCD710D2-QW DCD710N DCD710S2 DCD740 DCD740B DCD771 DCD776 DCD780 DCD780B DCD780C2 DCD780L2 DCD780N DCD785 DCD785C2 DCD785L2 DCD790 DCD790D2 DCD795 DCD980L2 DCD980M2 DCD985 DCD985B DCD985L2 DCD985M2 DCD995 DCE0811 DCE0811D1G-QW DCE0811D1R-QW DCE0811LR-XJ DCE0811NR-XJ DCE0825 DCE0825D1G-QW DCE085D1G-QW DCE088 DCE088D1G-QW DCE088D1R-QW DCE088LR-XJ DCE089 DCE089D1G-QW DCE089D1R-QW DCF610 DCF610D2-QW DCF610S2 DCF620 DCF805 DCF813 DCF813N DCF813S2 DCF815 DCF815D2-QW DCF815N DCF815S2 DCF880 DCF880C1-JP DCF880HL2 DCF880HM2 DCF880L2 DCF880M2 DCF883B DCF883L2 DCF883M2 DCF885 DCF885B DCF885C2 DCF885L2 DCF885M2 DCF885N DCF886 DCF886D2 DCF886M2 DCF889 DCF889HL2 DCF889HM2 DCF889L2 DCF889M2 DCF895 DCF895B DCF895C2 DCF895D2 DCF895L2 DCF895M2 DCF899 DCG412 DCG412B DCG412L2 DCG412M2 DCH213 DCH253 DCH273 DCHJ060 DCHJ060B DCHJ060C1 DCHJ061 DCHJ061B DCHJ061C1 DCHJ062 DCHJ062B DCHJ062C1 DCHJ063 DCHJ063B DCHJ063C1 DCHJ064 DCHJ064B DCHJ065 DCHJ065B DCHJ065C1 DCHJ066 DCHJ066C1 DCHJ067 DCHJ067B DCHJ068 DCHJ068B DCHJ069 DCHJ069C1 DCHJ070 DCHJ070B DCHJ070C1 DCHJ071 DCHJ071B DCK210S2 DCK211D2T-QW DCK211S2 DCK212S2 DCK413S2 DCL040 DCL510 DCL510N DCL510N-XJ DCN690 DCR006 DCR015 DCR016 DCR016-QW DCR018 DCR019 DCR019-QW DCR027 DCR027-BD DCR027-QW DCS310 DCS310B DCS310D2-QW DCS310N DCS310S1 DCS310S2 DCS331 DCS331B DCS331L1 DCS331L2 DCS331M1 DCS331N DCS355 DCS373M2 DCS380 DCS380B DCS380L1 DCS380M1 DCS381 DCS391 DCS391B DCS391L1 DCS391M1 DCS393 DCT410 DCT410D1-QW DCT410N DCT410S1 DCT411 DCT411S1 DCT412 DCT412S1 DCT414 DCT414N DCT414S1 DCT416 DCT416S1 DCT418 DCT419 DWST1-75659-QW XR Li-Ion 18V
  • Fits Battery Model Numbers: DCB102 DCB105 DCB107 DCB112 DCB115 DCB118 DCB120 DCB121 DCB123 DCB125 DCB127 DCB180 DCB181 DCB181-XJ DCB182 DCB182-XE DCB183 DCB184 DCB185 DCB200 DCB201 DCB201-2 DCB203 DCB204 DCB205 DCB206 DCB606 DCB606-2 DCB609-2 DCB612
  • Features:
  • High-quality replacement battery
  • Compatible with the original OEM battery
  • Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
  • No memory effect
  • Certified by CE and RoHS industry quality standard

Dewalt 18 Volt 3000 mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery

Elevate Your DeWalt Tools with High-Performance 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion Replacement Batteries


DeWalt, a renowned name in the world of power tools, is celebrated for its exceptional quality and innovation. The performance of DeWalt tools hinges on the quality of their batteries, making the DeWalt 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion replacement batteries a crucial accessory for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


Unleashing the Potential: DeWalt 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion Batteries

DeWalt's impressive range of cordless power tools is designed to make your work more efficient and convenient. To maximize the performance of these tools, a reliable power source is essential, and that's exactly what the DeWalt 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion replacement batteries provide.


Key Specifications

Let's delve into the essential specifications of these batteries:

Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage: 918 Volts
Brand: DeWalt Replacement Battery

Universal Battery Model Compatibility

Not only do these batteries perfectly complement your DeWalt tools, but they are also compatible with a variety of DeWalt battery model numbers, such as:


Salient Features

Why should you consider these DeWalt replacement batteries? Let's explore some of the standout features:

1. Top-Notch Replacement: DeWalt Replacement Battery ensures that their products match the highest quality standards. These batteries are designed to replicate the performance and reliability of the original OEM battery.

2. Intelligent Program Protection: The batteries are equipped with an intelligent program protection system that safeguards against overcharging. This ensures the safety of your tools and extends the lifespan of the batteries.

3. Freedom from Memory Effect: Bid farewell to the memory effect that plagued older battery technologies. These Lithium-Ion batteries boast zero memory effect, allowing you to charge them at any time without affecting their capacity.

4. Certified for Quality and Safety: DeWalt Replacement Battery places a strong emphasis on quality and safety. These batteries are certified by CE and RoHS industry standards, guaranteeing a safe and dependable power source.


Investing in high-quality replacement batteries is paramount to keep your DeWalt power tools performing at their peak. The DeWalt 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion replacement batteries offer compatibility, reliability, and safety, making them an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


Whether you're on a construction site, tackling a home improvement project, or simply seeking a dependable power source for your DeWalt tools, these replacement batteries deliver. Say farewell to downtime caused by weak or unreliable batteries and supercharge your DeWalt tools with confidence.


Upgrade your power tool game today with DeWalt 918 Volt 3000mAh Lithium-Ion replacement batteries. Your tools will appreciate the boost, and your projects will benefit from the improved performance and extended runtime these batteries provide. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your tools—choose DeWalt replacement batteries for unparalleled power and reliability.