AA / AAA NiMH Smart Slim Travel Charger with USB Plug & 4 AAA Tenergy NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (1000 mAh)


Product Specifications

Charger Specifications

  • Model: V3299USB
  • Brand: Carrera
  • Input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ, 9.5W
  • Output: DC 2.8V AA 600mAx2 / AAA 350mAx2 / USB 5V 500mAh

Charger Features

  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NIMH batteries at a time
  • Built-in USB Output port designed for charging handheld devices, including mobile phone, PDA, iPOd, Mp3, Mp4 and more.
  • Smart charging system ensures that batteries are never overcharged
  • 2 LED lights indicate the charging mode. Red LED light On - Quick Charge, Flashing LED - Bad Cell detection, Red LED Light OFF - Charge is complete.
  • Green LED Light on - USB port is ready to use.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Temperature sensors prevent over heating
  • World-wide voltage adaptable (100-240V)
  • Convenient flip-out plug
  • Ultra light and compact
  • ETL Listed

Caution for USB port

  • The USB socket can be used only when the charger is plugged-into the AC outlet and no batteries are charged
  • The USB socket cannot be used when the charging process is running.
  • When the Green Light (USB) turns on, the USB socket is ready for use.
  • Make sure the maximum loading is not exceeding 500mA on the USB socket

Battery Specifications

  • Size: AAA
  • Capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • Voltage: 1.2 Volt
  • Brand: Tenergy
  • Included Qty: 4

Battery Features

  • No memory effect
  • Reliable service life
  • Long-Lasting Performance
  • Recharges up to 1000 Cycles
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars compared to Alkaline batteries
  • Can be replaced in any product that uses AAA Batteries