7.2 Volt NiCd Battery Pack (1500 mAh) + Wall + Car Chargers


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7.2 Volt
Tamiya Connector
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Product Specifications

Battery Specifications

  • Voltage: 7.2 Volt
  • Capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Chemistry: NiCd
  • Size: 6 x Sub C Cells
  • Configuration: 2 x 3 - Flat Stick Pack
  • Connector: Standard Tamiya
  • Designed for: RC Racing Vehicles
  • Fits: Associated HPI, LOSI, Traxxas, Tamiya, Kyosho and all other standard 7.2V cars

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 5.35" (135 mm)
  • Width: 1.81" (45 mm)
  • Height: 0.91"(25 mm)
  • Weight: 11.28 oz (320 g)

Wall Charger Specifications

  • Input: AC 110 V
  • Output: 12V - 300mA
  • Tamiya Connector Attached
  • Weight: 9 oz (255 g)
  • Charging Time:
    7.2V 700 mAh Ni-Cd Pack - 2.5 Hours

Car Charger Specifications

  • Input: 12V DC ( Car battery or 12 DC power supply )
  • Smart DC charger allows you to charge NiMh / NiCd battery pack from car battery
  • Designed for charging 7.2V or 8.4V NiMH / NiCd battery pack > 600mA Capacity
  • Brand: Tenergy

Charger Features

  • Smart Charger Technology
  • Negative delta V(-V) Cuts-off power automatically to ensure a full charge.
  • Selectable Charging current: 1.3A or 3.2A
  • Maximum timer control for overcharge protection
  • Protection fuse for over current, short circuit & reverse polarity protection
  • LED light to indicate fast charge & trickle charge.
  • Charging time from approx. 30 mins to 60 mins depending on the size /rated capacity of battery.
  • Includes Male Tamiya and Male Mini Tamiya connectors


7.2 Volt NiCd Battery Pack (1500 mAh) + Wall + Car Chargers

Boost your RC racing vehicles with the high-performance 7.2 Volt NiCd Battery Pack (1500mAh). Designed specifically for RC racing vehicles, this battery pack delivers reliable and consistent power for an enhanced racing experience. It features 6 x Sub C cells configured in a 2 x 3 flat stick pack arrangement, providing a voltage of 7.2V and a capacity of 1500mAh.


The battery pack is equipped with a standard Tamiya connector, ensuring compatibility with popular brands like Associated HPI, LOSI, Traxxas, Tamiya, Kyosho, and other standard 7.2V cars. Its dimensions of 5.35" (135 mm) length, 1.81" (45 mm) width, and 0.91" (25 mm) height make it a perfect fit for your racing vehicles. With a weight of 11.28 oz (320 g), it strikes the ideal balance between power and portability.


Included in the package is a Wall Charger with an input of AC 110V and an output of 12V with a current of 300mA. The charger comes with a Tamiya connector attached, allowing for easy and secure charging. The 7.2V 700mAh Ni-Cd pack can be fully charged in approximately 2.5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum racing action.


For on-the-go charging, the Car Charger operates with an input of 12V DC, allowing you to charge your NiMH/NiCd battery pack from a car battery or 12V DC power supply. It is designed to charge 7.2V or 8.4V NiMH/NiCd battery packs with a capacity exceeding 600mAh. The charger, provided by Tenergy, features smart charger technology, including negative delta V (-V) for automatic power cutoff upon a full charge. You can select between charging currents of 1.3A or 3.2A, with maximum timer control for overcharge protection. It also incorporates protection against over current, short circuit, and reverse polarity, ensuring safe and efficient charging. An LED light indicates fast charging and trickle charging, keeping you informed of the charging status.


The Car Charger includes male Tamiya and male Mini Tamiya connectors, providing flexibility for various charging needs.


Experience the power and reliability of the 7.2 Volt NiCd Battery Pack (1500mAh) bundled with the Wall and Car Chargers. Maximize your RC racing performance with this comprehensive power solution. Enjoy the benefits of smart charger technology, rapid charging times, and versatile charging options. Upgrade your racing experience with this power pack and feel the difference on the track.