341 / SR714SW Renata Silver Oxide Button Battery


Product Specifications


  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Voltage: 1.55 Volts
  • Dimensions: 7.90mm x 1.45mm
  • Brand: Renata

Equivalent Batteries

  • Renata: 33, 341, 39
  • Energizer: 341
  • Maxell: SR714SW
  • Panasonic: SR714SW
  • Eveready: 341
  • Rayovac: 341
  • Varta: V341
  • Toshiba: SR714SW
  • Sony: SR714SW
  • UCAR: 341
  • National: SR714SW
  • Bulova: 627

341 / SR714SW Renata Silver Oxide Button Battery

Renata 341/SR714SW Silver Oxide Button Battery: Reliable Power for Your Devices


The Renata 341/SR714SW Silver Oxide Button Battery is a high-quality power source designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance for a variety of devices. With its silver oxide chemistry, precise dimensions, and compatibility with various models, this battery offers a dependable power solution.


Silver Oxide Chemistry: The Renata 341/SR714SW battery utilizes silver oxide chemistry, which provides a stable voltage output throughout its usage. This chemistry ensures reliable performance and is particularly suitable for devices that require continuous and consistent power delivery. With its 1.55-volt voltage rating, this battery is designed to meet the power requirements of your devices.


Accurate Dimensions: The battery features dimensions of 7.90mm x 1.45mm, ensuring a precise fit in devices that require this specific size. The accurate dimensions allow for secure and reliable connectivity, ensuring optimal performance.


Wide Compatibility: The Renata 341/SR714SW battery is compatible with various models and can be used as a replacement for batteries with designations such as Renata 33, 341, 39, Energizer 341, Maxell SR714SW, Panasonic SR714SW, Eveready 341, Rayovac 341, Varta V341, Toshiba SR714SW, Sony SR714SW, UCAR 341, National SR714SW, and Bulova 627. This wide compatibility makes it a versatile choice for different devices and applications.


Reliable Brand: Renata is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and reliability. Renata batteries undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure their performance and longevity. With Renata, you can trust that you are using a battery from a reputable brand that prioritizes safety and durability.


Wide Range of Applications: The Renata 341/SR714SW battery is suitable for a variety of devices, including watches, calculators, medical devices, and more. It is commonly used in small electronic devices that require a compact power source with a stable voltage output. With its reliable performance and compatibility, this battery is a reliable choice for various applications.


The Renata 341/SR714SW Silver Oxide Button Battery offers reliable and long-lasting power for your devices. With its silver oxide chemistry, precise dimensions, and wide compatibility, this battery provides a dependable power solution. Trust in the quality and reliability of Renata to meet your power needs. Choose the Renata 341/SR714SW battery and experience the convenience of a reliable power source for your devices.