LIR2450 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Button Batteries (2-Pack)


Power Portable

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Lithium Ion
3.6 Volt
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Product Specifications


  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6 Volt
  • Size: CR2450
  • Capacity: 120 mAh
  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion 
  • Brand: Power Portable
  • Included Qty: 2

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 24.5 mm
  • Diameter: 5 mm
  • Weight: 5.2 g (0.18 oz)


  • No memory effect
  • Long Service Life
  • Light weight and high energy density
  • Same size as a CR2450 battery
  • Cost Reduction: One Primary Lithium LIR2450 can replace 200 CR2450 Batteries

Equivalent Batteries

  • DL2450, CR2450N, ECR2450, KCR2450
  • BR2450, BR2450-1W, LM2450
  • 5029LC


LIR2450 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Button Batteries (2-Pack)

LIR2450 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Button Batteries: Compact Power for Your Devices


The LIR2450 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Button Batteries are a reliable and efficient power source for your small electronic devices. With their compact size, high energy density, and long service life, these batteries provide consistent and long-lasting performance.


Compact and Lightweight Design: The LIR2450 batteries are designed with a compact size, measuring 24.5 mm in length and 5 mm in diameter. With a weight of just 5.2 g (0.18 oz), these batteries are lightweight and perfectly suited for small devices that require a compact power source. Their button cell design allows for easy installation and compatibility with devices that use CR2450 batteries.


High Energy Density: Despite their small size, the LIR2450 batteries pack a powerful punch. With a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts and a capacity of 120 mAh, these batteries offer a high energy density, delivering a reliable and efficient power supply for your devices. Whether you're using them in key fobs, calculators, or other small electronics, the LIR2450 batteries provide the energy needed to keep your devices running smoothly.


Long Service Life: The LIR2450 batteries are designed for longevity. With their lithium-ion chemistry, these batteries offer a long service life, allowing you to use them over an extended period before needing to replace them. This ensures that your devices stay powered up for longer, reducing the need for frequent battery changes and providing convenience.


No Memory Effect: With no memory effect, the LIR2450 batteries can be recharged at any time without compromising their performance or capacity. This allows for flexibility in recharging, ensuring that your batteries are always ready for use whenever you need them. You can recharge these batteries using compatible charging devices designed for lithium-ion batteries.


Wide Compatibility and Cost Reduction: The LIR2450 batteries are compatible with various devices that require CR2450 batteries. They can be used as a direct replacement for DL2450, CR2450N, ECR2450, KCR2450, BR2450, BR2450-1W, LM2450, and 5029LC batteries. By using the LIR2450 batteries, you can experience cost reduction as one primary lithium LIR2450 battery can replace approximately 200 CR2450 batteries over its lifetime. This offers significant cost savings and reduces environmental waste from disposable batteries.


Brand and Quality Assurance: The LIR2450 batteries are manufactured by Power Portable, a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and performance. These batteries undergo strict quality control processes to ensure they meet the highest standards of reliability and durability. With Power Portable, you can trust that you are using a reliable and efficient power source for your devices.


The LIR2450 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Button Batteries offer a compact, lightweight, and long-lasting power solution for your small electronic devices. With their high energy density, long service life, and compatibility with CR2450 batteries, these batteries provide consistent and reliable performance. Choose the LIR2450 batteries to power your devices and experience the convenience of a rechargeable and cost-effective power solution.