2 Bay Powerizer Smart Charger + 2 x Powerizer 3.6 Volt RCR123A Lithium Ion Batteries (650 mAh)


Product Specifications

Charger Specifications

  • Smart microprocessor automatically switch off when batteries are fully charged
  • Thermal protection, Overcharge protection, Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity, and auto defective battery identification
  • Smart travel charger for 3.6V RCR123A Li-ion batteries
  • Input voltage: 100V - 240VAC
  • Charges 1 to 2 CR123A rechargeable batteries in 2-3 hours with smart auto cut-off function for safety
  • 12V car cigarette lighter plug for on the road charging
  • LED Light Indicator: Green for Power Connection, Orange for charging, Green when completed

Battery Specifications

  • Size: CR123A
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Voltage: 3.6 V (4.2v Peak)
  • Capacity: 650 mAh
  • Brand: Powerizer
  • Qty: 2


  • Long lasting performance
  • No memory effect
  • Compatible with cameras using CR123A disposable batteries

⚠️  Warning

  • RCR123A voltage (3.6V) is higher than primary Lithium battery (3.0V). It may burn some bulbs of flashlights. Please make sure you device can accept 3.6V voltage before use