1/3 AAA Sanyo 50 mAh Flat Top NiCd (N50AAA) Battery

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79 - 313 $2.79 each
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Product Specifications


  • Size: 1/3 AAA
  • Capacity: 50 mAh
  • Chemistry: NiCd
  • Terminal: Flat on Both Ends
  • Brand: Sanyo
  • Voltage: 1.2 Volt


  • Reliable service life
  • Long-Lasting Performance
  • Good For High Discharge
  • Recharges up to 500 Cycles

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 15.8 mm (0.62")
  • Diameter: 10.5 mm (0.41")
  • Weight: 4 g (0.14 oz)

1/3 AAA Sanyo 50 mAh Flat Top NiCd (N50AAA) Battery

The 1/3 AAA Sanyo N50AAA battery is a small but mighty rechargeable battery that is perfect for use in building micro battery packs. With a capacity of 50mAh and a flat top terminal on both ends, these batteries can be easily soldered together to create custom battery packs for a variety of applications.

One of the key benefits of using these batteries in micro battery packs is their reliability and long-lasting performance. They have a good service life and can be recharged up to 500 cycles, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries.

Their small size and lightweight design also make them ideal for use in portable electronics such as small cameras, remote controls, and wireless devices. They can also be used in hobbyist projects such as remote-controlled cars and planes.

Another advantage of using the Sanyo N50AAA battery is their ability to provide high discharge rates. This makes them suitable for use in applications that require a burst of energy, such as high-performance flashlights and emergency lighting.

Overall, the 1/3 AAA Sanyo N50AAA battery is a versatile and reliable rechargeable battery that is ideal for building micro battery packs for a variety of applications. Its small size, lightweight design, and long-lasting performance make it an excellent choice for portable electronics, hobbyist projects, and emergency lighting. By using these batteries instead of disposable batteries, you can save money, reduce waste, and help protect the environment.