AA NiMH 1500mAh Batteries (Box of 24)


Product Specifications


  • Size: AA 
  • Capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Chemistry: NiMH
  • Voltage: 1.2 Volt
  • Brand: Power Portable
  • Quantity: 24 pcs


  • No memory effect
  • Reliable service life
  • Long-Lasting Performance
  • Recharges up to 1000 Cycles
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars compared to Alkaline batteries
  • Can be replaced in any product that uses AA Batteries

AA NiMH 1500mAh Batteries (Box of 24)

This box of 24 high-quality AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting power solution for your devices.


Size: AA

Capacity: 1500 mAh

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Voltage: 1.2 Volt

Brand: Power Portable

Quantity: 24 pcs


These AA batteries offer a range of features that make them an excellent choice for various applications. With a capacity of 1500mAh, they provide ample power to keep your devices running smoothly. Whether you're using them in electronics, toys, or other devices, these batteries offer consistent performance and reliable service life.


One of the key benefits of these NiMH batteries is their rechargeability. They can be recharged up to 1000 cycles, saving you money in the long run compared to disposable alkaline batteries. With no memory effect, you can recharge them at any time without worrying about reducing their capacity.


Power Portable's AA NiMH 1500mAh batteries are designed to be versatile and compatible with any device that uses AA batteries. They can be easily replaced in your existing devices, providing a sustainable power solution while reducing waste.


Invest in these high-quality rechargeable batteries and enjoy the convenience, cost savings, and eco-friendly benefits they offer. Trust in Power Portable's commitment to reliable performance and long-lasting power for all your AA battery needs.